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Hooowwwdy...YEEE HAWW!!

It is going to be another amazing weekend at Tom's Creek. Last Saturday we had a Family Fun night and we reached out to families to let them know that we would love to journey with them and Jesus. This Saturday we have our Free Concert on the Hill with dinner at 5pm and the Hyssongs concert at 6pm. Then on Sunday we have Round Up Sunday where we have asked people to round up their friends, families, neighbors and invite them to church. We are having a cowboy theme and gave out cowboy hats and cowboy attire for people to where to church. Yet, you can comet worship any way that you feel comfortable whether a suit and tie, or shorts and sandals, and anything in-between. The point is we want people to know that they are welcome at Tom's Creek! I of course will start the service with a Hardy Howdy!

Last week we started our streaming of worship on Facebook and YouTube and after just 7 minutes it stopped working. This is one of the only times in all of COVID that we have had that happen. Thanks for those that let us know there was an issue and we got a recording of the 8am Worship up on Facebook before our 10:30am service and then we also live-streamed the 10:30 service. Sometimes things don't go as planned but at Tom's Creek we try to make it right in the end. Please know that often in the past it has been people's internet that is causing the issue. We have invested to have fast enough internet so that we have not had problems with putting the service out on FaceBook and YouTube for live-streaming. Yet sometimes other blips happen and in those times we will get it up for you to be able to worship as soon as we can figure out how to fix any problems!

This Sunday we will be starting a new sermon series on the Fruit of the Spirit! It is a 9-10 week series that will look at the traits we should have as those that have been baptized and follow Jesus. We will learn that the love we are to have as Christians is a not a namby-pamby love but sacrificial love. It is more than just feelings but lived out in our actions and treatment of one another.

We are not passing offering plates so the wooden boxes are available to put your offering in. Of course you can also give online, use text to give (844-406-0358), or mail in the offering to church. In addition, we will be collecting prayers in the prayer box on the table in the parlor. Also, if you have announcement that you need to be shared please write them down and give them to me before the service. This will be an ongoing practice for prayers and announcements to help ensure that they are heard and understood by all (especially those worshipping with us virtually).

The bulletin is attached with lots of information of things going on in the life of our church. Please know that we understand if you can't be with us in the sanctuary and hope that you can join us online until you are able to join us in person again. We also understand that some people will come to church and where masks, we also know that others will come to church without a mask. We want you to know that what is important is that we all find ways to make time for communal worship. It is vital to our lives and souls.

If people are not able to join us in the sanctuary for worship we continue to livestream at 8am (it will be available to view after too) services via Facebook ,( or YouTube( If you join and follow our Facebook page or subscribe to our YouTube channel, they will let you know when we are live. You can always watch any videos we post later because we leave them up. Also Sunday afternoon a shortened version is available on our website and on YouTube.

Worship is a glorious time to allow ourselves to be real. Worship is a time to unload our burdens upon God and to be restored in God's love and grace toward us. We are not alone we journey together with God by our side.



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