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STOP the merry-go-round!!

Oh my friends, we are in the midst of a political and election cycle like no other. It seems like we are all on the big old USA merry-go-round and people keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing. Lot's of us are saying we are dizzy, and pleading for those pushing it to stop so it has time to slow down a little. We are at the point that it is spinning so fast that most of us are about to get sick. Yet, no one stops pushing it. They keep saying they started pushing first, or the other side has to stop pushing and then they will. And the anger just fuels both to push harder and spin us all faster. And the merry-go-round just keeps on going around faster and faster! Some are angry at one side because they started the pushing, and some are angry at the side that made it go too fast first, and many are angry at both sides. Yet anger and demeaning the other side is not going to get the merry-go-round to slow down. So as the church, and as members of God's family we need to remember this:

We all fall short of the glory of God and have sinned

(which means we all at one point have pushed the merry-go-round or asked someone to push it for us).

Donald bears the image of God, just like all of us.

Joe is beloved of God, just like all of us.

Kamala is precious in His sight, just like all of us.

and Jesus died for Mike, and for all of us.

We all are in this together whether we like it or not.

So why not remember these truths and maybe that will allow us to take a breath, realize that we have a common Creator, and allow us to calm down enough that the merry-go-round can slow down.



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