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Monday night Pastor update with lots of information of happenings in our church

To My Big God Family,

Let us give praise to God!  Family, we are making an impact in our community in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic as we struggle to stabilize the economy and the midst of much upheaval in our nation.  We have had record number of people joining us for worship and lots of people enjoying the services that we are providing!  If you go to our video website you will see an amazing part of our Sunday service where I read scripture and it was woven together with Olivia leading us in a wonderful song of praise.  I could feel the Spirit moving and it brought life to the Holy Scripture and gave us a moment to feel connected to one another and God.  You can watch it on our Facebook site or for the next day you can watch it here: .  We have served well of 1,000 meals to  people in our church and community and soon we will be taking on a bigger role as some of the providers take the summer off.  We don’t believe hunger and need is taking the summer off so we are going to step in and try to fill that void.  You will be hearing about opportunities to bring certain items to our worship services as we collect food to give out to help people in  the summer months.  We have used our Promised Land chapel for its first ever outdoor celebration of life that allowed the people to come together outside in a safer environment.  We have been connecting with local businesses and people in our church family that have needs and been providing for them.  We are being the church in wonderful and powerful ways and I pray that we will continue to do that well after a vaccine is found!!!

In the coming weeks the extensive work on fixing the cracks in the church ceiling in the vestibule and parlor areas will begin.  We have made sure that a company was hired that is going to do the work right.  We don’t want a patch that will fail and they know how to work with our walls that are from the early 1900’s and make sure the repairs will be long lasting and then will be applying a fresh coat of paint.  It seems like a small job but the price is over $12,000 and thanks to you, the church family, continuing to support the church in these times, we are able to move forward on that project so that when we are back in our church the work will have been completed.  We are still waiting on a second quote on fixing/ weather proofing our stained glass windows and at that time will make a determination of the cost vs. our finances.  As I stated before, if someone wanted to fill our last stained glass window spot in honor of/ in memory of / or to the glory of someone this would be a great time to do that and we know the cost is @$10,000 (if you have any interest feel free to contact me to discuss it).  

I will be finishing the online Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 series soon but was taking a break to highlight some of worship so people have time to stay connected with that.  And soon, we will be rolling out our new Tom’s Creek website, that will be able to house videos of our worship on it and provide many more services and have many more pictures of happenings than we have in the past.  I know I keep you saying it is coming but great things take time and our awesome church secretary, Judy Coleman, has been learning how to build a website and has been doing an amazing job making it become a reality.  I have to tell you it is not easy to build a website and she deserves credit for taking the time to figure out how to get it to do all things we want it to be able to do for our church.  

I could go on and on with more things to share but for now I will take a break.  You are an amazing church family.  You have kept us together in a time when places are falling apart.  You have rallied behind our church and on another in amazing ways.  It is so humbling to be your servant leader and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us as we have remained faithful in these testing times.

May God’s peace surround you and lift you up,

Pastor Heath

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