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Mission Statement

Tom’s Creek Church is more than a building or its pastor or leaders. We are a Christ-centered community striving to reflect God’s love and grace in the world. Our goal is to share God’s love with one another and those that have yet to experience and accept God's love. We realize that faith is a journey and we are all on a different part of our journey.  We accept people at where they are in their faith journey (even if they currently feel like they don't have any faith) and then walk together as we all try to become more like Jesus and as we all learn about the gift of grace offered to us by Jesus Christ.  


At Tom’s Creek we are always journeying and as the journey changes us we find new ways to share the love of God with the world! We strive to be a welcoming community that accepts each person who comes to our church and we strive to be a community of folks who invite others to join us on this journey towards love and grace.

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