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History of Tom's Creek

Although the present Methodist church at Tom's Creek was built around eighty-three years ago, this building in which we are presently worshiping is not the first church to serve the Tom's Creek congregation. It was in 1757 that the first church was built near Tom's Creek.  There are no actual records to prove that Robert Strawbridge actually founded the Tom's Creek Methodist congregation, but it is safe to assume that it was through his efforts that the congregation was formed. 

In 1939, under the program of unification of the three branches of Methodism, namely Methodist Episcopal, Methodist Episcopal South, and Methodist Protestant, the charter of the Tom's Creek Methodist Episcopal Church was duly amended, and the word "Episcopal" was deleted.

On November 17, 2010, demolition began at the Church to build a new structural addition to the Church which consists of a large Fellowship Hall, commercial kitchen, classroom, bathrooms, elevator, and storage areas.

The foundation of faith at Tom’s Creek United Methodist Church on Simmons Road in Emmitsburg, Maryland, is solid and growing due to its dedicated parishioners.

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