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A Time for Everything.. A Time for Hating!

So as we near the end of this poem series on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, we hit the jarring phrase "a time for hating". At first, it seems wrong, we are told that we should not hate and that God so loved the world he sent us Jesus. And it is true we should not hate people or classes of people. But there is a time to hate injustice, to hate cancer, to hate the carnage of war, to hate COVID-19, to hate hunger and famine, to hate Alzheimers, and I suppose you can hate masks (but masks are not nearly as bad as the other items on the list). Why hate? We are to harness that hatred in order to overcome and improve things. If we hate injustice, let us work to overcome it. If we hate cancer, let us battle it with all our might whether it is in us or a loved one. If we hate Alzheimers let us work to preserve the memories of the person who is struggling with it so future generations might know about them. A time for hating is not the type where we get bitter or hate toward a person or a class of people. A time for hating is to work toward ending that which causes pain, hurt, suffering, and loss in this world. And there is a lot of that in the world today so let us work to overcome that which we hate.

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