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A Time for Everything.....A Time for War.

O, my friends. We have reached the hard part of this poem series from Ecclesiates 3:1-8. Last week was a time for hate and this week we look at a time for war. The sad truth is that in our fallen state we have more times of war than we should. The warring madness is all around us and the Scripture looks back at fallen humanity and is calling it out. It is a fact that there are times of war in the world. Yes, there times when evil and atrocities happen in the world like what happened under Hitler and Nazism and for times like that war is necessary. The sad reality is that more times than not wars are over things that could be handled in other ways yet we choose warfare. It does not need to be that way. We can choose to rise above the fray, to be those who choose to live a different way, to choose not to let our emotions rule us, but instead let the Christ rule our lives.

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