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And the winner is..

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

So the first polls have closed in a couple of states. People are on edge. People are rooting for who they voted for and worried about what will happen if the other side wins. Anxiety is running high throughout this nation. Elections are important and elections have consequences and Christians, we belong to a Holy Nation, we are part of a Heavenly Kingdom. All nations and borders will eventually fall away when Christ returns and the new heaven and the new earth are unveiled. I voted and I love this nation BUT my allegiance should always be to the Kingdom of God. No matter who wins God is still God. No matter who wins there will be a day when this nation will not exist. As Christians we have a call to be salt and light. As Christians, we have a call to be grace filled and loving. We have a call to reflect Christ into this world. Remember this nation, this world, is not all there is. We have the hope through Christ and we know there is more than just the here and now. We must live up to the Kingdom ideals given to us by Jesus before and after we know the results. We must realize that this election will come and go but Christ still sits on the eternal throne. For those that need it or want to, the sanctuary will be open from 9am-noon tomorrow for prayer. Please wear a mask as you enter the building.

The light of God will not be extinguished and we can and we must carry on no matter who wins. So take a breath and rest in the fact that you belong to a Holy and Eternal Kingdom and the Leader there is perfect and glorious and filled with grace and love.



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