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Ash Wednesday worship

Ash Wednesday is a day to kick off the Lenten season in a powerful way. This year we have multiple ways you can join us. We will be having an Ash Wednesday service at church tomorrow at noon with imposition of ashes and ash crosses places upon people's foreheads. We might livestream this noon service as well but if you are going to worship online we recommend the service at 7:30pm that is meant to be done from your homes. Yes this year we will also be offering an online Ash Wednesday worship experience. We have changed how to access this worship experience from what is listed in the bulletin and loaded it onto our own YouTube channel and Facebook page. You can join in online at 7:30pm on our YouTube page using this link You can even go now and say you want to be reminded of the service when it Premieres at 7:30pm tomorrow night. The video will also premiere on our Facebook page at 7:30pm. It is part of a national Ash Wednesday service but it closes with our very own Holly Phillips closing our time of worship with a song she is playing and singing!!

If you car concerned about not having ashes at home this time of worship is less about coming with the right supplies and more about posturing our hearts towards God. BUT here are some ideas for sourcing ashes from home: - Rubbing the wick of a burned and cooled candle

- Gathering dirt or dust from the ground and mixing it with a little water

-Pre-burning match or small piece of paper

I am hoping this provides many ways for us to start the Lenten Season right as we journey to the cross. The noon service at church will be short but will have the imposition of ashes. The nighttime one will be rich with music, poems, and preaching so you might want to attend both!

Let us journey to the cross together,


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