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Being part of God's family

The church has survived so much through the years and we are proving the church can survive times we never expected or could have imagined that we would live through. I give praise that we have continued to pray for one another, and worship with one another, and communicate with one another, even in the midst of a pandemic. It has not been easy, and we are not through it yet, but we have done well. I pray that we continue to love and care for one another even as we follow guidelines for keeping us safe. It takes a little bit of extra effort but as people who know what Christ did for them we should be able to put in that extra effort.

A reminder there is a weekly prayer call that I lead. We get together and share about life and some general chit chat but we end in prayer for that which was lifted up as we talked. It is a way to stay connected and for people like Barb Phelps, it has allowed her to stay connected to people while she battled COVID-19. It is open for people who just want a place where they can talk with people and those that want to listen and pray with people. It is Thursday afternoon at 3pm and you can call in 857-799-9465. It lasts about a half an hour unless we really getting talking!

This Sunday, Olivia will be on vacation with her family, so our music will be led by Rev. Dr. Sarah Dorrance. Yes, she preached and ended up leading music when I was on vacation this winter and she is coming back. She will be helping lead the singing but she will also be sharing about a ministry she has helped bring to fruition in Frederick. She will be sharing about the 24-7 prayer room in Frederick along with helping with the music. The songs this Sunday will be "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus", "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, "Here I Am Lord", and "Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling". And yes, I will be continuing to preach for the book of Acts, as we continue the Summer of Revival.

Quick reminder the next week is the Hyssongs at the Promised Land at our 9am worship. They are amazing and you won't want to miss them. Please remember to invite friends, and neighbors, to hear their world class Christian music!

May God provide you peace and joy this day!


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