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Boxes of Christmas LOVE!

Hello Tom's Creek Church community. Tom's Creek has had a tradition of going Christmas caroling to the homes of those who are alone, are not able to get out, or have had a particularly rough year. Of course, last year we could not go caroling due to COVID concerns but we made sure to drop something at their doorsteps to let them know our church family loves them. We had planned to go back to caroling this year but with the new COVID strain and an abundance of caution to protect some of our most vulnerable, we have cancelled those plans. Some said that we could be safe by singing outside and keep 6 ft apart. While we could try that but the Tom's Creek way would be to get closer and want to hug, and probably we would! As with most things in COVID, it has caused us to re-envision things and we are going to try to do something to include more people than would normally be able to be included when we go caroling.

So we have about 15 homes we want to visit to show people some love. This Sunday we are going to create boxes of Christmas love to drop off at people's homes. At church this Sunday, we will have cards for the individuals we are going to be dropping the boxes of love off to for people to sign. You don't have to sign every one but if there is someone you want to give a message of love to or to just sign their card, you can. We have a person in the church who has handmade items that are going to go into some of the boxes. We will be adding jams/jellies and baked goods to some of the boxes. If you want, you can bring some goodies that we can put in these boxes of love. You don't have to have enough for all 15 boxes in order to drop something off to add to a box of Christmas love. We have had a table with a box people can put gift cards into to help people in our church who are in need this Christmas Season. We will be growing that table this Sunday and it will have the cards to sign on it and you can leave any goodies you want to go in the box under that table! We will figure out what goes in each box when we pack the boxes after the 10:30 service this Sunday. If you want to be a person that gets to deliver one of the boxes of Christmas love, join us after church on Sunday. If you can't stay for the packing of the boxes but really want to deliver one to somebody, let Karen Wivell know.

As with everything during COVID we can get upset by the changes that have been made to things in our life or we can use it as an opportunity to do something new and sometimes even improve on what we have done in the past. Perhaps in future years, as part of our Christmas caroling, we will start planning to create boxes of Christmas love that we will drop off. This will allow more of us to be involved in helping to journey with one another and support one another.



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