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Burning in the New Year...

What a week it was. Some of our church family got to play ZOOM BINGO and talk and see one another. I delivered one of the winning pizzas to Rose Woodsmall and Rick before they had even won it (don't ask, I have special powers). My son, Jeff, was a great cameraman going live every time one was delivered to a home and it was out there so people could see people in our church family.

In worship, Sarah Dorrance, explored Epiphany and following the Star. Did you find, pray about, choose a star word for 2021? Come on, just do it, I promise God will work through it and bring some amazing stories and transformation!

OH... and I was able to burn the church promissary (mortgage) note. So many people were so generous when they heard we were so close to paying it off. It was amazing to see people digging deep to help us pay it off in 2020. Wow! It is truly amazing and just part of the journey of us becoming a church that is more vibrant and better equipped to reach people for Christ and build up those who already know Christ. This is just one exciting stop on the journey and we will still need to dig deep to accomplish what God has planned for us going forward. Our task is big and God wants to use our church and each of us in greater ways on the journey that lies ahead for us and the church.

If you are reading this know that God loves you and you are being held in the hand of God. It is hard for us to remember that at time. I wish that I could announce that we will be gathering in the sanctuary soon but the COVID numbers are not good and being faithful requires us to keep each other safe. Please know that COVID is just as dangerous as it was when this all started and it has not put its guard down. I love you and I want us all to make it through this COVID journey together. We have had some scares along the way and we do not want more to have to deal with very real COVID health implications so we are being safe BUT we can still be connected.

SO if you need something let me know and here are some examples:

-if you want your church envelopes delivered I will bring them to you (and anything else in your church mailbox). Please know that you do not need the envelopes to send in checks and for our team to credit your donation.

-if you would like the Upper Room or Our Daily Bread devotional let me know and I will deliver it to you. If you have internet you can read the Our Daily Bread devotional here: The Upper Room is available online here:

-if you need a special time of prayer or conversation for any reason whatsoever call me at 410-758-7707.

We have got this. We can do this. People never thought we would pay off the mortgage this quickly. Yet, God worked with the fruits of our labor and people's glorious generosity to make it happen so much sooner than expected. If God can wipe away 1.1 million dollars of debt that quickly, God can help us all get through this trying time!



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