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Do you want something safe and fun to do tomorrow night?

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and we have fun in store for anyone who wants it. It is sad not being able to get together with others but we have a solution that attempts to make sure we can have fun and stay safe. For those that have the technology we will have ZOOM BINGO tomorrow night at 7pm. If you are interested in playing ZOOM BINGO you must contact Olivia Imirie by 9pm tonight at . Now we know some of you are not tech savvy and some of you do not care about being online. That is ok but you can still be part of tomorrow nights fun too. All you have to do is to reach out to me and say you would like to have a food drop-off and I will drop off something like a cheese pizza (or pepperoni/susauge), a sausage or a pepperoni roll, maybe one of those sandwiches I made for Judy Coleman that you read about in yesterdays blog, cinnamon bread, sticky rolls, etc. Now just like not everyone who plays BINGO wins, not everyone who reaches out to me will get a delivery tomorrow night. I am going all out and I even have pizza boxes to deliver the pizza and sausage/pepperoni rolls in (thanks to No Anchovies). If you get a delivery from me between 7 and 9pm (when ZOOM is happening), I will have my iPad on me and you will get to say "hi" to everyone who is on ZOOM and they will get to see you!! I know this is not Disney World type fun but hey you are safe and no lines to wait in. Once again, if you are interested let me know before tomorrow that you would be interested in a delivery and you can always make a request of what you would like me to deliver to you. So far no one has reached out to me, I assume that you are trying to not add to my plate BUT this is fun for me and gives me something to do on New Year's Eve that is safe. If you know some of our church family that don't have email/internet let them know about this opportunity and have them reach out to me.

May you have JOY in your heart,


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Tamara Bowen
Tamara Bowen
31 груд. 2020 р.

Would love a delivery from you!

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