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Full steam ahead..

Hello most amazing Tom's Creek Church community. Things have been happening fast and furious at our church. I know there are many churches that are just in a holding patten and not much is happening as they wait for vaccines and COVID to fade away. That is not the case with our church community.

We have done so much this last year to improve our ability to share the Gospel and to help strengthen our ability to do that for years to come. The website was revamped so that it can have sermon videos, blogs, and so much more. They say that over half of all people looking for a new church check churches websites first. So ours is now one of the better ones in the area.

And we announced last week that we have a new Director of Music Ministries. Holly Phillips is joining our staff and hope that this is a church home for her and her children. Her official start date was Feb. 1st but she already played her first full worship service for us this last Sunday. This might seem like a quick turnaround from me saying we might start looking for someone to help with music just a month ago when we paid off the mortgage. Yet, God has brought us the perfect fit for us to expand our reach since Holly not only plays instruments and sings BUT has formed and led many choirs and praise teams/bands. Holly also is a songwriter and some of her songs will be out on iTunes soon!! I am so excited about his opportunity that God has provided us. We paid tribute to Virginia Wantz on Sunday for all the years she has dedicated to the music ministry at Tom's Creek for over 6 decades. While we love Virginia I hope and pray we can embrace all that Holly has to offer our church.

This is just a small snapshot of what God is doing in our Church. We are looking at other items to improve the safety and the accessibility to our church. I will blog about that another day. I just ask that you continue to support our church as we move forward in bold ways. We are attempting to reach new people for Christ while we continue to grow in our ability to be more like Christ for one another and the world. It is a bold endeavor and you are all needed as we move forward. Don't forget to share with your friends and neighbors about this church home. We would love to journey with them too!!



P.S. if you want bread for this Sunday's Communion Love Feast let me know and I will drop off a loaf to you. If not bring any food and beverage to where you worship on Sunday and have it ready.

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