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Give thanks, come on let us give thanks!

We celebrate Thanksgiving this Sunday. Last week we focused on blessings and counting our blessings. And this Sunday we give thanks for those blessings in our life. If you are home surround yourself with those things that you are thankful for like maybe pictures of loved one and other items that have special value to you. If you are coming to church go ahead and bring something that represents something you are thankful for. Even in the midst of turmoil and pandemic we have lots to be thankful for and we are going to come before God and give shouts of praise!

People took to heart my message last week and many stayed home, we had 21 people total in the church for worship. There is room if you want to come and need to be in a safe place for a short time. Please know that 25 people upstairs and 25 people downstairs leaves lots of room for people to more than social distance. We know not everyone has a loved one they live with or internet so we have opened the church so people that need to can have a place. For those that are watching from home we keep on trying to improve the worship experience. This week be ready to type in what you are thankful for and this is a great time to list other members of the church who have brought you joy and touched your life whom you are thankful for.

Attached is the bulletin for this Sunday. Please invite people to join us online. They don't have to live nearby to be able to join us in worship. There are churches that are still not able to really have online worship and some people are searching for a place to worship so invite them. And now for all the details on how to join us for 9am worship.

You can catch the Facebook Livestream at: .

We will start the Facebook Livestream at @8:45am and you will see announcements scroll and hear music playing. This is the best option if you want to interact with others online. Feel free to chat to each other before and during the service. You can put prayer requests in the chat. This is great way to be able to interact with others if you watch it live with others in your church family who are staying home but want to worship as part of an online community.

You can catch this livestream on our Toms Creek UMC channel at: We will start the YouTube Livestream at 8:45am and you will see announcements scroll and hear music playing. This format is best if you are watching on a television or large screen with lots of people gathered around. You can have it fill the whole screen and just watch it without any distractions. There is a way to chat on YouTube but it normally has a lot less people and is normally a lot less chatty than the our Facebook livestream.

You can go to our website here and by Monday morning there should be shortened version of our service that will contain the Scripture, the Middle Hymn, the Sermon, and through the end of the service.

You can can also use a phone to listen to our service by calling 857-799-9465 from any phone starting at 8:45 am. This will only have sound coming through and you will not be able to see anything that is occurring. This is also the one where there might be sound issues because it does not always pick up the sound as well as we would like in the sanctuary. If you would like can we make a DVD of the service for you to watch just let the church office know.

To give your financial offering you can go to or you can go to our website and hit the donate button OR you can mail your offering to:

Tom's Creek United Methodist Church 10926 Simmons Road Emmitsburg, MD 21727

Let us take time to give thanks. AND if you are not at a place where you feel like giving thanks join us anyway. I hope that during the service maybe you will be inspired and be able to give thanks to God by the end of the service!



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