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Goodness gracious..

This Sunday we continue with our sermon series on Fruit of the Spirit and we will be looking at goodness. Fruit of the Spirit goodness is something only those who have accepted Jesus as Savior have. It is a goodness that is conveyed from God who created the world and everything in it, and as Genesis says God said of humanity "it is very good". Yet sin entered in and we now have to be in alignment with God in order for us to truly have the goodness that God desires for us.

Now onto the goodness gracious! Earlier this week a blog and email were sent out letting people know that Anita Hill tested positive for COVID after coming to church Sunday. We let people know so that if they were within 6 ft of Anita for a period over 15 minutes they could take appropriate action. Anita is fully vaccinated but had what they are calling a "breakthrough" case. Luckily, they have found those that contract COVID that are vaccinated often have much milder or no symptoms. For those that have been praying for Anita and the family, they are all doing well. Anita feels much better today than she did just a day or two ago, praise God! Since then Heather Fitzgerald contacted me to let me know that she was tested and was shocked to get a call that she was COVID positive, especially since she is fully vaccinated. Since she has no symptoms she does not know when she contracted it and could have also come to church with COVID on Sunday. Heather wanted me to share this information with everyone in case they had prolonged close contact with her on Sunday. The previous email and blog stated that we will be wearing masks in the building this Sunday. This further bolsters our reasoning for making this change for this Sunday and we will assess the situation next week to decide what if any actions to take going forward.

For those that will be worshipping with us from home on Sunday the great news is the new soundboard did improve the quality of the sound and allowed people to hear the congregation. We are making tweaks like trying to increase the sound volume of the livestream and reducing a little bit of an echo sound. We will continue to be making these tweaks in the weeks ahead until we have it closer to perfect.

The bulletin is attached for this week. Please remember to wear a mask in the building this week. We have plenty that will be available if you forget yours. If you want you can even take a sealed 5 pack of masks to have extra on hand when you are out and about!

If people are not able to join us in the sanctuary for worship we continue to livestream at 8am (it will be available to view after too) services via Facebook ,( or YouTube( If you join and follow our Facebook page or subscribe to our YouTube channel, they will let you know when we are live. You can always watch any videos we post later because we leave them up. Also Sunday afternoon a shortened version is available on our website and on YouTube.

We are not passing offering plates so the wooden boxes are available to put your offering in. Of course you can also give online, click the donate button on our website, or use text to give (844-406-0358), or mail in the offering to church. In addition, we will be collecting prayers in the prayer box on the table in the parlor. Also, if you have announcement that you need to be shared please write them down and give them to me before the service. This will be an ongoing practice for prayers and announcements to help ensure that they are heard and understood by all (especially those worshipping with us virtually).

God is Good. All the time. And God is gracious to us. All the time. So let us come together in person or online to give praise to the goodness of God as we strive to let that goodness show through our lives.



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