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Hiccup, hiccup, hiccup

Gooood afternoon! This morning we had technical glitches and hiccups. Some of it was on our end and some of it was on the YouTube and Facebook end. When we livestream we also keep a backup copy of the service that we can upload later. That video is the one I often trim and post on the website as the sermon video. Attached is the whole service from the GOOOOD MORNING until the end of the service. Internet speed for some of us is not the greatest so if anyone ever needs a DVD copy let me know. If you know anyone who has not been able to worship with us because of internet and technology issues, please let them know about the DVD option and have them let me know. We want everyone to feel connected and part of the Tom's Creek family and will work to overcome any glitches or hiccups people are experiencing. By the way, there could have been a blooper real this morning with all the craziness that was happening. For real hiccups, a spoonful of maple syrup often fixes the problem. For the technical hiccups we have an amazing tech team that quickly cured the hiccups and issues that occurred. We are so blessed by amazing people working to share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus!!



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