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Holy Week, Batman!!

Holy Week is meant to be a spiritual journey that leads up to Easter. In order to fully appreciate what Jesus did and who he was it is best to take time for these special services.

On Thursday (tomorrow or today if you reading in the morning) we will be having a one of a kind Maundy Thursday feast at NOON. We will be down in Fellowship Hall for a very special meal. We will have fresh baked goods, meats, cheeses, jam and jellies, fruit and vegetables, and lots of other goodies on the table to eat. On the pre-set tables there will be a glass of ice cold water and a glass of grape juice for everyone. We will be re-creating the "First Last Supper" and it should be powerful and fun spiritual experience. This event will not be live-streamed because you really have to be at the tables with the people gathered for this experience.

On this Friday, Good Friday, we will be having a Tenebrae Service (Service of Shadows) at 7pm in the sanctuary. This is one of the most powerful services of the entire Christian calendar. Be pre-warned there is a very loud sound that occurs just after Jesus breathes his last breath. While to truly enter into to this worship experience you have to be in the sanctuary we will live-stream this service but as the candles and lights go out the amount you will be able to see might be limited.

If you can make these services it would be well worth your time. Going through these worship experiences leading up to Easter really does increase your ability to appreciate the gift Jesus came to bestow up on us. I hope to see you at the opportunities.



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