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Improving all the time..

I am a firm believer that there is always something in need of repair or renewal. A good leader and a good church always assess what is happening in the life of the church spiritually, physically, emotionally, spiritually, how we are connecting, etc.

We are in the midst of having cracks in the ceiling fixed and repainting in a portion of our church that was not completed when we had the renovation. We are doing it because we are currently not in the building and it is a great time to get this done. Tomorrow the oldest stain glass window at the back of the sanctuary is being taken out to be repaired. The windows are old and there is bowing of some of the windows, and that has created spaces where there are holes to the outside. Once again we are caring for that while we worship at the Promised Land. The total of these projects are a little over $30,000. If you would like to contribute to the church as we do take care of these repairs it would be great.

I have been assessing our online presence. And over the last couple of weeks I have concluded that we need to have a better option for those that want to watch the service but do not have Facebook or do not wish to use Facebook. I have created a Toms Creek UMC Youtube site. This site will have our worship live-streamed on Sunday mornings. We will continue to live-stream on Facebook too but this helps others to be able to join us in worship. Please consider subscribing to our new YouTube Channel: We will have greater visibility if we are able to get over 100 subscribers to our channel.

We have invested heavily to have a new website. We have invested in equipment to be able to live-stream our services with high audio and video quality. We have had to purchase licenses to be able to stream songs so we do not violate copyright even when it is our own singers!! We have been assessing ways that we can better keep us all connected and to reach others for the Gospel. Once again, if you would like to contribute to this cause it would be greatly appreciated as we try to continue to improve in this area.

I believe that as a church we have been doing a pretty good job of checking in on each other and trying to make sure that those that are feeling emotionally drained from this COVID-19 pandemic know they are not forgotten and they are loved. We have sent cards, delivered sunflowers, delivered bread and meals, made calls, and other special signs to share love with one another. Let us keep up the good work and strive to reach out to a person we have yet to connect with before.

On the spiritual level, that is one that each of us needs to assess on our own. We need to sit alone spending time with God and think about where we are on our spiritual journey. Have we spent time with the Lord daily, have we cared for neighbor and stranger daily, have we read our Bible daily and then applied what we read to our lives, have we done something bold for the Lord lately that lets others see love and grace? We each should be renewing our commitment to Jesus every day.

I promise you that your church will keep assessing and renewing so that we can be a beacon of hope to the world around us. We will strive to take steps to better be able to serve you and the world around us for Christ. Please continue to journey with us and continue to grow a disciple of Jesus the Christ



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