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In God Alone..

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day in our nation. It is a day that often is filled with mixed emotions for the people of our nation. Many of the feelings that people have are relative to how they feel about the President leaving office and how they feel about the person who is sworn to be the next President. We often come to this day with hopes and fears and pray that our hopes are realized and our fears are able to fade away. So often it is a mixture of the hopes and fears that comes to pass since each President is human and can never live up to the hopes and expectations some have and they often rise above the worst fears that some people have projected. Throughout our nations history we have had Presidents that have risen to the challenges and some who have failed to do what is needed in that moment in history and often both have transpired during a Presidents time in office.

The first time a President acts in a way that legitimizes our fears we often begin to get anxious that all of the fears we have dreamed up will be realized. When we do this we often get overwhelmed, and in many cases needlessly, because one action does not mean all the other things we fear will come to pass.

When a President takes actions that we had hoped for we often get so excited we forget that they are human and along the way most likely will fail at some point. We sometimes treat the President like God especially when they are taking actions that resonate with our soul and beliefs. We need to remember they are only human and subject to the same human frailties as the rest of us. We also need to remember that often when we are excited about an action a President takes there are others in our nation who disagree with that action and are scared and anxious about what will happen because of that action. Just like when an action a President takes scares us or makes us worried there are others who are part of our country that are giving praise because that is the action they had long hoped for.

In a land as vast and varied as ours it is not easy to be the President. As our nation has grown, as we have become more diverse, as the world has become more complicated, the stress and pressure of the office has only grown. As Christians we are called to pray for our President, we are called to pray for them to be given wisdom and strength beyond their own capabilities. As Christians we know there is only one DIVINE RULER and it is not the person who who serves as our nations President. Yet, we can pray that they might emulate and hear the voice of the GRAND CREATOR. We must never give up on praying for them no matter how many times they prevail or how many times they fail.

It is odd how much we put upon the President. They are only one person, one fallible person, just like each of us. Yet, we often fail to realize this or remember this. Our hope should be in God Alone, our trust should be in the rock of our salvation, and our fears we should take to the Lord in prayer. When we do this we realize that our nation is more than one person who holds the highest office of our nation. We realize that even if they fail, we have ONE who will not fail us or abandon us. When they overcome obstacles and make good things happen in our land we should be able to praise them even if they are not of our own political persuasion. As Christians we should know there is only ONE TRUE GOD and because of that we offer grace and prayers for the one who serves as the elected leader of our nation.

Tomorrow morning I will be leading a ZOOMcall at 10am. Join Zoom Meeting

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This call will happen just a couple of hours before our next President of the United States is sworn in and takes office. Let us put aside all expectations we have placed on the next President. Let us put aside all the fears we might have about the policies that come forth from the next President. Let us just join together forgetting the party behind the person that has been elected and just pray for the person that will hold this important office. Let us also take time to remember that while it is the highest office in our nation there will always be ONE who will be above that President. Let us pray that the One might watch over, protect, lead, guide, inspire, equip, prepare and provide so much more for our next President. As Christians, no President should be the one we ultimately turn to for hope and they should not be the one we expect to truly console us.

Let us put our trust in God Alone,


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