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It is always beautiful at the Promised Land..

We are ready for another exciting morning of Revival worship at the Promised Land tomorrow at 9am. While it might be cloudy tomorrow the chance of rain that was forecasted earlier in the week has pretty much gone away. We plan on having Steve Myers, our very own master guitar player and gifted music writer with us tomorrow morning to share music to help us center during entrance of the light of Christ and reflect during offering time. Steve was in a car accident this week that totaled his car but he was able to go to work yesterday, please pray for him, and that his body will give him continued strength. Some other music we will joining in together is "Holy, Holy, Holy", "A Mighty Fortress is out God", and "Blessed Assurance".

Attached is an electronic version of our bulletin but paper copies will also be on the table at the entrance of the pavilion. Also, on that table will be forms for becoming a new member or for Baptism. We will be welcoming new member on Sunday September 27th, you can join by being present in person or online! Some might have been joining us virtually and yes you can join our church community too. You can also obtain our form on our website and email it to :

We can safely fit with social distancing at least 60 people under the pavilion. You can use the picnic tables under the pavilion or bring your own chair. Starting next week outside heaters will be available if we need a little extra warmth. Or you can sit outside in the sun (if it is shining) if you prefer the warmth of the sun shining upon you. We will allow vehicles to come up closer to the pavilion and the front spots will be for those staying in their vehicles that can listen on 95.7FM. You can wrap vehicles around the pavilion if you need a spot to be able to see and be part of worship.

You can join us from home on Facebook and that will allow you to chat with others. You can leave prayer requests and in some ways be able to connect with your church family. We will try to start Facebook Livestream about 5 minutes before the service so expect to be able to join in at about 8:55am on our Facebook page:

If you don't have Facebook, you can watch the livestream on our new YouTube channel. You can subscribe to it and then you can keep up with our posts and you will be reminded of upcoming livestream events. You can go to our main YouTube site by clicking this link:

or you can go straight to the video event which gives a countdown to the start of our livestream YouTube event which is here:

You can can also use a phone to listen our service by calling 857-799-9465 from any phone starting at 8:55 am.

If you miss the live service you can always go to our website in the afternoon to see the Scripture and sermon for the day on our website at: You can also find previous sermons from this summer that you might have missed at that same link.

Please remember to join our website and you will get notified whenever a new blog is posted with information about what is going on in the life of the church.

Remember to invite others to join us from home on Facebook or YouTube or to come to the Promised Land and/or worship with us.

Peace and blessings,


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