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Life is a highway.

Tom's Creek has been blessed to have a partnership with Face of America. We provide the space for a rest stop as the veterans bicycle from Arlington to Gettysburg. We also supply the people to prep the food and beverages that they will have at the Promised Land rest stop. And our rest stop has homemade cookies that they don't get at the other rest stops! We also have a band playing music for them to listen to as they rest. We also deliver food and beverages to those that can't make it up the hill to the Pavillion. We also cheer them on as they bike into the rest stop and as they leave for the rest of their ride. Most of these veterans are dealing with wounds they received during their service to our country. Some have lost limbs and have special bikes that allow them to make the ride. Some have PTSD and the community of veterans riding together help them have some relief. This ride is therapeutic for many of the soldiers that are part of this bike journey.

People that have signed up to help and filled out the volunteer sheets and gave them back to Sandy and Frank Negro can arrive tomorrow morning starting at 8am to help prep the food. When people first arrive the food truck might not be there yet so we might have a couple of minutes where we have to wait. We never really know when the bikers will arrive but the plan is that it will be around 9:45am. The road will be shut down for traffic once the bikers start to arrive so you need to get there a little early if you are coming to cheer on the riders. The normally stay for about 30 minutes at our stop because of they joy they have from us being so friendly, with great music, and beautiful location. Once they leave we will clean up and the music groups will shift from patriotic music to worship music. We will be having worship at the Promised Land after we have cleaned up which we think will start at 11am. This will not be a formal service and most of it will focus on the music but there will be a scripture reading and a sermonette.

I am certain it will be a fun and rewarding time for all involved. Be sure to let others know that they can come and cheer on the veterans and have a fun outside worship.



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