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Making Lemonade out of Lemons..

COVID-19 has made an impact on every facet of people's life and the church is no different. While this has been hard on us not being able to be in our church sanctuary, cancelling our awesome dinner, no Oldies and Goodies; we have been able as a church to make lemonade out of lemons. What do I mean by that well let me explain. During this time we have accomplished many things that make us a stronger church:

- We now have the equipment to have online worship that allows people to be part of the church wherever they are. That means more people have more ways to connect with us whether they are home sick, or recuperating from surgery, or on travels in other states!

-We have a new and improved website that has videos of our service, our updated directory online, and looks amazing. This will be a tool in coming years that allows to reach new people for Christ!

-We have utilized our church kitchen to provide meals to people in need whether physically or emotionally so they know that the church cares about them and they might begin to truly understand God's grace.

- We are in the process of having items that needed to be fixed taken care of inside the church. The cracks in the ceiling and walls in the parlor and vestibule of the sanctuary should be completed this week. Next week, the oldest and original stained glass window in our church will be removed so that it can be fixed and restored so it will reflect beautiful light for generations to come.

-We have gone outside the walls of our church and utilized the Promised Land God has gifted our church. While other churches have not been able to meet in person we have done so and in a way that protects the health and safety of our church family. It also has allowed us to reach out and invite people who want to worship in community and see people and faces!

The list could go on and on. We have not sat still as a church quivering in fear but we have been bold in our proclamation that anytime Satan tries to sour us with lemons we add the sweetness of Jesus and God's grace and make a glorious lemonade!!

During this time we have also used so that people that only have a phone can call into worship AND also they have a time they can call in and talk with others. That time of sharing and prayer happens today, and most Thursdays at 3pm. I have enjoyed the conversations that we have had and we would love more to join us. If you feel like you haven't had a chance to listen and to talk with people, this is a way for you to feel connected. If you are hoping to have a safe place to be real about what you are facing in your life please feel free to call in using any phone to 857-799-9465. We will share (but you don't have to) and then end with a time of prayer for each other, the church, and the world.

Last, as we prepare for what will happen when we can no longer comfortably worship at the Promised Land I ask you to email me with your thoughts. Do you think we should go back online till some vaccine or treatment is found? Do you think we should go back into the church with all the safety precautions that would be required? Is there something we can do to help you to be able to more fully enter into worship with us? Please share with me your thoughts at I ask for you to email because it helps me to remember and go back to things when it is in writing but if you don't have email feel free to call me at 410-758-7707.

Now, no matter what lemons Satan is trying to sour your life with, know that you can squeeze those lemons and add the sweetness of God's love for you to make something that can quench your thirst and restore your soul! We as a church have done it during this time and you can do it in your life.



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