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New Year's Eve fun for all and pizza delivery and pick-up!!

Hey, Tom's Creek Church family! We had an amazing Christmas Eve with about 45 at each of the 3 services. We also had many that watched us during the 7pm livestream. Even though we have bought a license that lets us livestream videos and movie clips, the Christmas Eve service was blocked if you tried to watch it after the livestream. I have removed the Miracle on 34th street clips from the sermon and now you can watch it on YouTube or you can go to our website and watch most of services from there, including the service from yesterday. For those that have been praying for Holly who had COVID and Flu, she is feeling better, and might be able to go back to her job at the vet clinic starting tomorrow.

While I really wanted us to be able to have our New Year's gathering and game night at church, it just doesn't seem like it is the safe and prudent thing to do. COVID numbers are going up and 4 hours in the same room often with masks off to eat is just too much given the current COVID numbers. YET, that doesn't mean we can't have some fun and stay connected! We have 2 great opportunities available for New Year's Eve fun.

First, I am offering to make fresh made 6 inch personal pan pizzas OR loaves of bread. You can choose the toppings and type of pizza you want and then let me know if you would like them pre-cooked or delivered so you can cook them fresh in your oven at home. From there you can decide if you want them delivered to you sometime after 6pm on Friday or if you want to pick them up at church from 4-5pm on Friday. So you would reach out to me via email at: and then you would say something like "I would like a supreme pizza delivered that is ready to cook" or you could say "I would like a white cheese pizza with broccoli delivered cooked" or you could say "I will stop by church to pick up a pepperoni pizza that is ready to cook". The delivery area is pretty wide, about 20 miles surrounding the church. So Teresa and Lindsey Hoover I can deliver to you in the west. And Sue Wisner I can deliver to you in the South. And Ben Price/Chapman's I can deliver to you in the North. BUT Amy Messler you are too far East!!! Please send me your requests no later than Thursday morning.

The other opportunity that we have is the return of ZOOM bingo from 7 to 9pm on New Year's Eve. There will be time to talk and of course lots of prizes that can be won. Kathy Imirie, and friends, are leading up this fun time of ZOOM bingo and laughs. We can have up to 24 devices connected for this and of course multiple people in the same house could join using just one device.

If you are interested in playing zoom bingo please contact Kathy Imirie at for bingo cards no later than Thursday morning. Each person can get 2 or 4 cards. Each page has 2 cards on it. Some people choose to print their cards out. Others who don't have the ability to print out will write the card down on a separate sheet of paper. Please still request new cards and don't use your old cards. Children are welcome to play. Kathy's recommendation for children is to put their card in a page protector. It's fun to use Play-Doh as the marker for when you find bingo. As you will use these cards over and over again you want to use something on them that you can remove such as popcorn kernels or Hershey's kisses. The link for how to call into zoom will be sent out once you sign-up to join. So if you want to play you can email Kathy Imirie with an email like this "I would to play ZOOM bingo and I would like 4 cards for myself and send the cards and Zoom information to me at my e-mail : " or "My family would like to play Zoom bingo so we need 3 sets of 4 cards and we will be using one device for us all. Please email the cards and ZOOM information to me at". If you have some things you would like to add to our prize vault for ZOOM bingo let Kathy know and it can be dropped off at church by Thursday morning. People that are far away can join ZOOM bingo but if you win a prize there might be a delay in getting you the prize depending on how far away you are but you can still join and play.

We of course might have some livestream videos on Facebook from the pizza delivery drop-offs with people waving and saying "Hi" to our church community. This is a way to keep us connected and keep us safe for New Year's. Please sign-up because I love making and delivering the pizza's with my trusty co-pilot son, Jeff. Please sign up for ZOOM Bingo because the more people the more fun it is.



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