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no itsy bitsy, teeny-weeny grace but ABUNDANT GRACE!

Sunday was a glorious day of worship with the amazing Hyssongs. They are a truly remarkable family and their ministry has brought many people closer to Christ as they travel sharing their message with music and story. We have several others that will be coming to Tom's Creek at the Promised Land during this Summer of Revival. Our Nurture, Witness, and Outreach (NOW) team pays the fee for these ministries to come but we also have ways for you to give to them when they visit us. We do this because this allows for us to show abundant grace. Yesterday people gave so that the Hyssongs were blessed with 75% more than they expected to receive. What a blessing that helps encourage them to continue in their ministry. You see they have had months of downtime and some churches are still cancelling well into next year. When they come and receive that extra blessing it allows them to know that God is blessing their ministry even in the midst of the hardships. It encourages them. Well done Tom's Creek Church family in showing ABUNDANT GRACE.

This Sunday is a communion Sunday. I know that some churches have bought tiny little pre-filled cups with an itty-bitsy bread wafer attached to it. Yes, it is cheap and somewhat convenient (unless you have big fingers or shaky hands). My problem with that is communion is supposed to be an outpouring of God's abundant grace. Jesus gave us this feast as a sign of the abundant love and grace God has for us through the sacrifice of Jesus. This was not some itsy-bitsy sign of was a sign of ABUNDANT GRACE. It was not a sign that was not for just a few but an opening for all to feast with God. So we have a juice box which is safe but at least 10 times bigger than the little thimble of juice. We have a slice of Donna Ohlers' homemade bread or a yummy roll that is way more delicious and vastly larger than a tiny wafer. THAT IS ABUNDANT GRACE. When we celebrate communion God's grace is overflowing. God's grace can transform a persons life and heart as we celebrate together. We should come expecting to be transformed by God's mighty and healing abundant grace. So come thirsty and hungry for God's abundant grace.

May God's peace be with you,


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