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On the fifth day of Christmas...

Yes, it is the fifth day of Christmas. Now you might know I am not big into Hallmark holidays and don't like that side of Christmas. BUT I do love a certain type of gift giving. The real and true type of gift giving that shows you really know a person and that you took the time to get them something it would be hard for them to get themselves. So let me tell you a story about what I did for the fifth day of Christmas.

A couple of weeks ago both Judy and Joe Coleman were dealing with COVID. Joe had to go to the hospital and I would call Judy almost every day to get an update. Along the way we would talk about other things. One day she was telling me she can not wait until she gets her taste back. She is going to go get one of those Italian Subs and eat it. So I started to ask her what she would get on her sub. I learned she doesn't like raw onions, and tomatoes are ok but not a must unless they are the yummy ripe ones we get in the summer. I learned she loves the banana peppers and she wanted the sub to drip down her face and hands from the sub dressing. We probably talked about for a good 10 minutes over a couple of conversations and she didn't know that I was collecting information to make her one. One day she was going to try to see if she could taste bacon and then if she could it would be time to get the Italian sub. Well, it was a no go because she still could not taste. I kept the thought in my mind about that Italian sub and decided when she was better I was going to make her one. Well today was the day... I had obtained all the ingredients. I knew the type of bread she wanted but I thought a nice ciabatta roll would be even better so I bought that type too and made both for her. I added 7 different types of meat to her Italian sub, no way she could have gotten that from the sub shop. Oh, and a long time ago I found out she loves muffalata and it would go great in the sub and make it drip down her face like she wanted it to. So on the fifth day of Christmas I brought an Italian Sub to Judy Coleman and when she ate it she could taste it and it dripped down her face and her hands! OH, and she gave the second one to Joe and he got to eat too! What a day!!

Hey friends, what are you doing for the Christmas season to show people you know them and love them? Jesus knew we all needed to be cleansed of sin and rescued from this broken world so he came to give us the greatest gift ever. How are you paying it forward during the twelve days of Christmas (and the rest of the year)?



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