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Recovery and Resurrection are coming..

Friends in Christ what a year it has been. In comparison with many other church families we have been blessed with ways that we have been able to worship and continue to be able to feel like we are connected part of the Body of Christ. Vaccinations are under way and I know it can be frustrating for those waiting and trying to find a place that currently has vaccines. While frustrating it is a modern day miracle that within a year vaccines were created with over 90% effectiveness, it is truly unheard of! I am blessed that clergy in Maryland our in group 1c and that I was able to get my first vaccine shot yesterday. Yes, I had to drive all the way to six flags in Bowie which is over 80 miles away but it allowed me to begin the process. And with that we are going to begin the process of opening up the sanctuary for in-person worship. The planned date is Palm Sunday on March 28th. I know other churches have already opened this option up and I appreciate you being supportive of our decision to be a little more cautious. More details will be coming but know that we are still going to provide many, many options for people to worship. Actually it will be all the current options, including the downstairs Fellowship Hall option, that we have now just with people also being able to be in the sanctuary.

Here is the most exciting part of all of this. When we return it will be with our entryway and parlor area fixed of cracks and repainted. When we return our oldest and largest stained glass window has been fixed and repaired. When we return we will have a state of the art camera system that allows us to livestream when people are sick/away/move away/ etc!! When we return we have a Director of Music Ministries, Holly Phillips, that is going to be working on growing our choir and creating a praise team! As a matter of fact an email was sent out today to those on the church email list and Holly is trying to find out who would be interested in being part of the music ministry moving forward. She has the skills to help people explore their musical gifts so if you want to be part of choir/praise team/ sing a solo/ or play an instrument solo reach out to her via email: or phone 240-750-7886 (call or text). Please if you have ANY INTEREST AT ALL reach out to her and let her know. It might be a little bit before we can have a full choir and a full praise team but the process of planning and utilizing God given musical gifts is already underway.

While this last year has been trying we are on the road to recovery and resurrection. The great thing about resurrection is that you are stronger than when you were before! We will be a stronger outpost for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ than ever before!



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