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Remember your baptism..

We have been getting some much needed rain!!! Tomorrow we have great worship planned and we might have rain. The chances of rain are 50/50 but no matter what we will worship at the Promised Land. If it looks like there is any chance of rain we will have all the equipment set up inside the Pavilion with room for at least 60 people to sit under it with social distancing in place. Vehicles can pull up closer to the pavilion than normal so people in their vehicles can see and remember we will be broadcasting on 95.7 on your FM radio if you are close enough. Now tomorrow's Scripture readings talk about baptism and originally I was planning on bringing a super soaker to help you remember your baptism, I might not need to(; If we move under the Pavilion the table with bulletins, communion elements, and offering boxes will be under the Pavilion too!

We will have communion, and those that are watching on-line might want to have some form of communion elements with you. If there is communion elements left, people will be dropping off to people that we haven't seen and know stay home to keep themselves safe. A reminder that as of 5pm on Friday the state of Maryland now has mandatory masks for outside gatherings if you are not more than 6 ft away. So we have been saying that when you are up and walking about please have your masks on and when you sit make sure you are 6ft away and then you can remove your mask. We have people that come to worship that don't go anywhere else during the week because they are worried about their safety so please respect the wishes of others by keeping your masks up when you are moving around.

We try to get Facebook live up and running by about 8:57am. You can also go to the video website: Often Facebook will flag songs, so if you try to watch later those songs might be muted and if you go to watch later on the livestream video site it will say the video is unavailable which means it is best to join us at 9am. Later in the day a version with just the scripture with a song, and the sermon will be posted to our website at: . And if you want you can call in using your cell phone/telephone to (857) 799-9465 to listen to the service at 9am.

In areas of some countries Christians still gather huddled in caves, in abandoned buildings, or secretly in homes because of fear of government persecution! Yet, they still come together weekly as the Body of Christ to worship God. So whether it's 90+ degree weather or pouring rain we can figure out how to come together as the family of God. We are brothers and sisters consecrated into the same family through our Baptism. SO let us remember that as we worship together tomorrow!



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