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Rockin' & Zoomin' into the New Year

I hope you all have been able to find a way to worship with the many ways we have been trying to reach people. I am so glad we have found ways to bring you worship to feed your soul. Yet, we still have a hunger for connection. When I came to Tom's Creek that first year, I started a New Year's Eve game night at church. And well what is a game night on New Year's without some yummy food. So I would make sure we were well supplied with munchies and people brought more to add to it. And then I would have the fixings for pizza and we would make it on fresh, homemade dough. And then we would have a little ceremony to usher in the New Year with bread and juice gathered together.

Well, that can't really happen this year and us be safe with the menace, taker away of fun and connection MR. COVID. But we don't have to be socially alone and we can still play games and we will show MR. COVID he can not take our fun away! Now you will need to be able to ZOOM to be able to participate in the first opportunity. Kathy Imirie and Olivia Imirie are teaming up to help lead another night of ZOOM BINGO on New Year's Eve starting at 7pm. AND the best part is for our bingo you pay nothing and can still win prizes. I know some of the prizes are sticky buns made with your choice of nuts/raisins, cinnamon raisin bread, homemade Sausage Roll, strawberry rhubarb jam, and apple pie jam, not to mention some other non-edible prizes. The winner of the first game of the night will win pizza delivery from Pastor Heath to your door on New Year's Eve which would arrive @8-9pm depending on where you live (unless you are outside 20 mile radius). And if technology and time permits Pastor Heath will ZOOM back in to show the pizza being delivered. We might even see some other of our Tom's Creek community friends ZOOMed in when Pastor Heath shows up with bread (and they are not even playing BINGO)! These people will be our non-ZOOM church family but I can bring ZOOM to them as I drop off bread! Soo everyone can be involved. Well how do I sign-up you might ask because you are SOOOOOOO EXCITED!! Well for the ZOOM BINGO portion you email Olivia Imirie at

If you reach out in the next day or two Olivia will email you your BINGO cards to use. Then she will send you a ZOOM invitation to be part of the fun and it is more than just BINGO. She might be able to help you with your ZOOM questions but if you are not ZOOM literate reach out ASAP so there is time to help!

Those of who do not ZOOM but want to be on the list for the chance to get a Pastor Heath bread product drop-off need to email or text 410-758-7707. WARNING if you sign up for this you might be put on ZOOM through Pastor Heath's phone and you might have to wave at everyone else playing ZOOM BINGO.

Please let us know no later than Dec. 30th (the day before New Year's Eve)! So this is just the first of some exciting announcements this week. And you might have to adjust down a little your expectations of what is exciting news because of COVID limitations. For COVID times these are exciting happenings like when you get up in the morning and can still taste your food!! Who knew that could be exciting? You see, COVID does change your expectations of what is exciting or great news!

Until later this week....PEACE,


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