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S'more things happening at Tom's Creek

To the mighty people of Tom's Creek,

May you be blessed this day. Tonight Emmitsburg has their annual fireworks display. We have a tradition of using our Promised Land property to watch the fireworks from afar. This allows us to have music, play games, have a fire, roast hot dogs and S'mores. So I used to only think about putting a chocolate bar into my S'more until some glorious people came to our fireworks watching party and they brought all sorts of yummy things to put inside the S'more like peanut butter cups. Oh yeah and then some people said you don't have to use graham crackers for the outside you could use cookies to smoosh the marshmallow and candy filling. I love how our church family thinks outside the box!! I have some pre-bagged S'more kits in little bags so that we can still have our fun but also stay safe. I know some have hot dogs they are bringing and who knows what great food choices will show up. We will be starting about 8pm (a couple of Mahjong players might get there earlier). The fireworks start at just after 9:30pm and that is when we will start our fireworks and music extravaganza. All are invited.

And speaking of doing awesome things in a new way. Tomorrow we will continue to have our 9am worship services at the Promised Land!! Be warned we are moving where we are directing people to sit and park as we prepare for the warm summer sun and trying to make it more enjoyable for all. Reminder, masks are required when you get out of your car until you take a seat that you brought with you. Those that want to be safer can stay in their cars and turn into 95.7FM but you have to be at the Promised Land to pick up that channel. Fo those that still do not fee safe to venture out you can go to our new website (yeah the one you are on now wear you are reading this blog) and go to Sunday Services and pick the Facebook/Livestream drop down and it will take you to our streaming site:

Of course it will be streaming on our Facebook site:

If you do not feel safe going out and you don't have internet at your home you can call into 857-799-9465 and you will be able to listen to it over your phone.

We will have tables set up for people to get a copy of the words to the songs we are singing, devotionals are available, scholarship forms are there. PLEASE use the hand sanitizer if you are touching items on the table. Also near the tables there are elevated wooden boxes you may put your tithe/offering into.

Let us continue to be mindful and safe of each other. For some this is the only place they are attempting to go out to and we all need to respect their need for space and social distancing. We want all to feel safe when they come to worship and it helps if we sanitize, wear masks while up and about, and maintain 6ft (about a cow from head to tail) distance.

May God keep you safe and grant you peace,

Pastor Heath

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