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Soul Revival..

We have had a an incredible summer of worship revival and it continues tomorrow at 9am. A reminder there are many ways you can worship with us tomorrow depending on where you are at in your life.

Some people join together at the Promised Land. We do try to keep the shady section available for those that are staying in their cars. Those in the car can listen through the speakers we have or tune into 95.7 FM. A reminder that there is a table with bulletins and other items of interest on them, make sure and check them out. And near the table is the elevated wooden boxes for your tithes/and offerings.

Those that get out of their vehicles can bring their own chairs, sit in the pews, or sit under the pavilion at the picnic tables. Please remember when you get our of your vehicles to have your masks on until you sit and that unless it is a family member you should sit 6 or more feet apart. At the table masks are also available and you can take a whole sealed pack of 5 with you (we have more than enough).

We will try to start Facebook Livestream about 5 minutes before the service. We apologize for last weeks technical difficulties but thanks to Karen Wivell we were able to get it out to you even if it was a little late. We have fixed that problem so expect to be able to join in at about 8:55am on our Facebook page:

Or you can watch the livestream from this link: which you can also get to from our website: , and then livestream video.

You can can also use a phone to listen our service by calling 857-799-9465 from any phone starting at 8:55 am.

If you miss the live service you can always go to our website in the afternoon to see the Scripture and sermon for the day on our website at: You can also find previous sermons from this summer that you might have missed at that same link.

Let us join together to praise God and to be revived!!



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