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Summer will definitely feel like Summer but will your soul be revived?

We enter our eighth week of Summer Revival. We are learning about how the early church followed Christ, how they can help us understand how to be the church, and how we can try to be more like Christ in our lives and as a church. This week we will have Rev. Dr. Sarah Dorrance with us to help lead the singing and she will be sharing about the 24-7 Prayer Room in Frederick. I will be preaching about Stephen and how he shows us what it is to be a true disciple of Jesus. Worship starts at 9am at the Promised Land and just like previous weeks we have many ways you can join us.

You can drive to the Promised Land and get out and sit in the shaded area around the pavilion or in the pavilion. When you are up and walking about please have on a mask or face covering until you are seated. If you are getting out we ask that you park in the sunny areas and save the shaded area for those staying in their vehicles.

You can drive up and stay in your vehicle. We broadcast the service on 95.7FM and if you are at the Promised Land the signal comes in. Most people have found they can open the windows and hear without having the radio on too. We are trying to find ways for as many vehicles that have people staying in them to be parked in the shade so please park safely but close together.

You can watch our live feed with is on Facebook at this address: If you don't have Facebook you can go to this site which will show the livestream too: You can also go to our new website and go to Sunday Services and then click Livestream Video. Later in the day just the Scripture and the Sermon will be posted at our website here: If you miss a week, the entire Summer of Revival series with just the Scripture and sermon is available at the same link.

You can also call into the worship services using your phone to 857-799-9465. This is the same number we use for the weekly prayer get together. The quality of the sound on this can at times be problematic but we have tried to improve it over the last couple of weeks for those that don't have internet and are staying home.

Please remember to continue to connect with one another. Also remember for those that come to the Promised Land that we need to socially distance and respect the boundaries of others. We also have had guests come who may not know what to do and might need to be reached out. Let us help one another have worship that revives our soul.



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