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Sunday Worship details AND BULLETIN

Tomorrow we will worship together, we will be the Body of Christ. Some of us assembled at the Promised Land, some of us assembled around our electronic devices to join us live in worship on Facebook, some of us calling in and listening to the service through our telephones. Those that worship together in these ways we will be having communion together. At the Promised Land you will get your communion elements before the service starts. The elements will be on the table with paper copies of the bulletin (electronic version is attached t this blog and on our website), that same table will have paper copied or our newsletter (electronic version was sent out and is also on our website). Please feel to get them or have some person bring them to you at your vehicle if you don't feel safe to get out. We are trying to have more people move up closer to the pavilion and under the canopy of trees that provide much shade in the altar area. We have moved two wooden benches to face toward where the worship occurs for any that don't have a chair. Please, please, please allow everyone to feel safe by wearing your mask until you take your seat, please use sanitizer before taking items on the table, please keep 6 ft from those that are not part of your household. We want people to feel safe to assemble to worship and part of that is all of us respecting peoples boundaries and following government health guidelines. Don't forget you can where your red, white, and blue since it is 4th of July weekend. See you at 9am!

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