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Sweet is the song I am singing today;
I’m redeemed! I’m redeemed!

Our streak of being blessed with good weather at the Promised Land for our Summer of Revival continued this last Sunday. The weather was supposed to be iffy but it turned out to be gorgeous. We are so blessed by the Promised Land and some background and pictures of its history are in the months Messenger.

This Sunday we have another amazing worship time planned. We are going to look at the redemption of a killer of Christians. Yes, that is who Paul was and God redeemed him!! We have old school revival songs to sing together and most of them are not in our UM Hymnal but they are songs that you probably grew up with and have heard through the years. We have two songs that our titled "Redeemed", "I Will Sing of my Redeemer", and "Seeking the Lost". Trust me they are catchy song with powerful words of redemption and you will remember them from years ago.

Last Sunday was the last time Olivia Imirie planned to help lead us in songs during the Summer of Revival. She is going off to Salisbury College for her graduate degree. Yet, she will be there this Sunday to join in worship and for us to pray over her as she takes her next faithful step. She is an amazing young women who has transformed in the years I have been here. She has an incredible heart and I can say truly is a messenger into the world of the hope and love of Jesus Christ. Let us celebrate her this Sunday. Her family did host a party but many could not go so you still have time to bless her with a card or gift to thank her for her time in music ministry here at Tom's Creek. Yes, she will be back from time to time but her season of week to week dedication to our music ministry at Tom's Creek is over. Let us bless her this Sunday as we praise what Jesus can do for all of us!

Anyone can be redeemed by Jesus. No on is a lost cause. Invite someone that might feel they are unworthy or beyond redemption to hear the story of how God redeemed a killer of those who loved Christ. If God can redeem someone like that, God can redeem anyone. There are some who need to hear that hopeful message. Invite them to worship with us this Sunday!

Peace and Love,


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