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Thursday night Pastor update with music for Sunday

Good Evening Tom’s Creek family,

May you comprehend the great love God has for you.  We live in a world where much is happening and people on all sides are shaking their heads at what they see. Remember most of this world that we shake our head at is caused by our own making, meaning humans.  God didn’t want us treating each other this way.  As we shake our heads trust me God’s head is a shaking too.  Yet, we can see glimpses of the world that God created and visions of the love God has for us through all of this.  It is there and we can be part of the changes we want by us putting God first and laying aside some of our own power and privileges and listening to what God wants!!

This coming Sunday we will be at the Promised Land worshiping at 9am.  I am attaching the songs we will be singing with the music so you can print it or download it if you want the music to read to be able to sing along.  If we have an acapella song we might add or repeat a verse or two but you will have the music and we will just follow what Olivia leads us in singing!!  This Sunday the songs we will be singing together is: This Is My Father’s World, Give Me Jesus, and All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.  This week we are going to try to have 2  table stations with copies of just the words to the songs, devotionals, and maybe a Father’s Day treat for the Dads!! Sorry we cant get treats for all the Father’s that are watching via Facebook, our video website, or calling in!!

I will send out more detailed worship details on the Saturday email but wanted people to have time to see this and to print the music if they needed the notes to sing since we don’t provide that at the Promised Land.  We are being bold and offering worship in 5 different formats so please offer us grace as we try to make this all work from week to week(;

May the peace of God that is greater than all us surround you,

Pastor Heath

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