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Umm..where is the week going?

We are preparing to have worship inside our church this Sunday at 9am. With two different locations for viewing inside the church and also live-streaming to YouTube and Facebook. Oh, and we are preparing for a new type of COVID friendly fundraiser with roasted pig, beef, and turkey on Saturday Nov. 7th. The list of things that need to happen to make this all happen are endless. Truly the list of things that need to get accomplished is massive and feels endless. The last two days are a blur as we race to complete all the tasks to make this successful. So why do I share this with you?

I have already been blessed so many times with God proving help, often in the form of people. One example, is God sent me to a sales associate at Best Buy. I was asking about a product they didn't have and we got talking and he let me know about a product that we didn't know about that would make our ability to stream worship so much easier. He wasn't trying to sell me he was just talking about what he does in his gaming studio and started sharing with me what he uses. I got the product thinking I could return it because I wasn't even sure we needed it but he made sound like it was a life saver. Well last night we saw how helpful and amazing this little device is going to be and we have only begun to explore its uses. There was no real reason I needed to even talk to him because the product I was originally asking him about was already coming in the mail I was just trying to get it a day earlier. They didn't have that product in stock but it led to this conversation.

Oh and by the way, the product that I was hoping to get that they didn't have in stock did arrive yesterday, a day early, which is when I really needed it by!!

I have been blessed with the right person stepping up at the right time to offer help. Shane Wivell is able to do a myriad of items on the list that needs to get done because he is off couple of days during the week this week and is an amazing jack of all trades. Another person, Jeremiah Welty, is a gift from God sent with the technical proficiency to know about computers, networks, and cameras. He also is able to find on-line instructions, and then read them, and then understand them, and then apply them to what we need at Tom's Creek! I would be days behind if it were not for him and his help. And there are so many other people that have offered their gifts up to make this possible.

So my friends, I just want to share that God is at work in the life of our church. God can be at work in your life too. We all have lists that seem endless, or lists that overwhelm us. Hand it over to God and ask God to send you to the right person, or to send you someone that can help you with your tasks. Sometimes God will send a person to you that just listens and then you will better prepared to tackle what you have to do. Sometimes God will send you someone who can actually get an items on your list done for you. Sometimes God will make the schedule work and have what you need arrive or happen earlier than expected and when you needed it. Sometimes God will give a solution to a problem that you never would have thought of on your own. You are not in this alone. Remember God is with us on this journey. Don't forget to take time to talk with God and ask for help. You will be surprised at how God helps you make it through that which seems overwhelming or impossible. I can tell you that is happening at church. God has stepped up to make things possible for our church throughout all of COVID-19. God wants to to help make the impossible be possible for you too!

Go ahead give God the wheel,


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