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Merry Christmas, many more days of Christmas to go.

MERRRRRRYYYYY CHRISTMAS!!!! Today is the second day of Christmas of the twelve days of Christmas. Christmas Eve we had 4 different services. Three of them were online both at Facebook and Youtube and you can still go there and view them. And we had a small in person communion service that we did not record, that was wonderful to be a part of. Tomorrow is Sunday and we will have worship again as we celebrate the third day of Christmas. The poinsettias beautifully decorated the sanctuary for our services and the lifted those that they were purchased in honor of. They will be available to pick up starting to tomorrow morning at 8am and the doors will be unlocked tomorrow until noon if you want to come in and get them.

As usual we will have space available in Fellowship Hall to watch the service for those that want or need to venture out. I will warn that with Christmas gatherings that people went to and such we are still being very vigilant to protect peoples health and safety. So Tomorrow we will have it on Facebook and YouTube BUT it will be just a little different than usual. It is being shown as a premiere instead of a live event, this is how we did the 9pm service on Christmas Eve. The service will not start until 9am but if you go to either our Facebook page or YouTube page it should show a countdown to it starting at 9am. It will start at 9am with a couple of minutes of announcements on the screen so you will have time in case there are any glitches and on Facebook you can use that time to chat with others. If you join the service when it is premiering you will join where the service is currently at. If you go to watch it after it premiers you will be able to watch the whole worship but there will no longer be people there to chat with.

So the service starts at 9am tomorrow morning. We are tomscreekumc on Facebook and you can watch on Facebook by going to: If you go there now you can set it up so they will send you a reminder when worship is about to start.

You can watch on YouTube at: . This should we a direct link to tomorrows premiere but once again you can subscribe to our YouTube page and it will let you know when worship is about to start. Our YouTube page name is: Toms Creek UMC

After the services they will be posted online on our webpage under service videos and here is that link:

I have also started to burn and deliver DVD's of the service to those that do not have internet. It is a little time consuming to do this but we would love to provide this if you don't have other ways of joining the worship service. We still have the account but hearing it without seeing anything is very hard and so I would rather bring you a copy of the DVD of the service so you can actually watch it and see it!!!

Oh and no bulletin to attach. Everything you need will be on the screen for you to enter into worship. The bulletin will be back next week!

The next week we are going to have an exciting announcement. Stay tuned for information about a possible New Year's Eve opportunity that will be safe and fun. I would share now but not all the details have been worked out yet.

We will be making it back to the sanctuary as soon as possible while putting priority on protecting peoples health and life. I know this has been hard on us all but I pray that you know that you are not alone. ALWAYS feel free to reach out to me if you are feeling alone or in need of prayer or other assistance. We have made it this far and 2021 is around the corner and God is with us!!



call/text 410-758-7707


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