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We Are Made for This!!

This Sunday is the first Sunday in Lent and we are starting a new sermon series. For Lent we are going to look at what it means to live a life shaped by Jesus. If you haven't watched our Ash Wednesday online service you should before Sunday you can see it by just clicking here! It starts us in the right frame of mind for this series that is going to share when Jesus walked the earth he taught us how to live the Christ shaped life. This week we are going to explore how we are made for this mighty call. That we can all achieve a life that is shaped by Jesus because our souls are made for this. Yet, will we believe that we were made for this?

This is a communion Sunday and the communion offering is going to support The Open Arms Community Center where my wife is their director serving as a missionary. They really support and care for children who would fall through the cracks if it wasn't for this community center. Also, we will have all the options we have had for communion depending on where you are on the COVID journey and protecting your health. People watching at home feel free to have your bread and juice on hand to join us!

The bulletin for this Sunday is attached for you to look at. Remember that in the bulletin we have announcements, a prayer list, church attendance, the amount of offering that has come in that support our ministries, along with the outline of the service. We attach it weekly so that those of who can't be with us can keep up with the church and more fully join in worship online. We appreciate everyone who continues to worship and be a part of our community even if they can not come to the church building. While we always prefer to see people in person, we also love those who join us from afar and we are blessed to have you as part of our worshipping community!!

We are live-streaming on our Facebook page or our YouTube channel. For those that are watching when we live-stream we do have a person that can see the comments posted if there are sound or visual issues. While we don't want to fixate on every little issue we do want to know when something is way off and affects your ability to be able to enter into worship. Unless you are watching worship when it is live I would recommend watching on the YouTube channel because the quality is MUCH better.

We are not passing offering plates so the wooden boxes are available to put your offering in. The 2022 offering envelopes are in church mailboxes for those that continue to use them for their offering. Of course you can also give online, use text to give (844-406-0358), or mail the offering to church.

We will be collecting prayers in the prayer box on the table in the parlor. Also, if you have announcement that you need to be shared please write them down and give them to me before the service. This will be an ongoing practice for prayers and announcements to help ensure that they are heard and understood by all (especially those worshipping with us virtually).

The season of Lent can be powerful but to truly enter into it you have to be part of worship. Come and join us and we walk to the cross realizing that God is shaping us to be the people we were made to be. The process is not easy but we can do it as we journey together!



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