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Well done, good and faithful church, well done!

What a glorious day of worship yesterday. Once again, it did not rain during worship and once again we even had sunshine during the service!! We are so blessed!!

Great news, the painting and repair of the the cracks in the parlor and Narthex has officially begun at the church! This is a very expensive endeavor because they have to work with our 1901 building and know how to fix the cracks in ways that will be long lasting and then they will give it a fresh coat of paint. We have been able to do this because of your continued generosity through this COVID pandemic.

We are still trying to get a second quote for repair and re-leading of our largest stained glass window. This is not an easy process because our large stained glass window is very old and you need to hire a company that knows how to handle our older stained glass and to properly care for it. This repair will take several months after the company is hired to do it to complete the task. It is a very painstaking and slow process if they are to do it right. Once again, we are only able to pursue this because of your generous support.

The re-entry committee had the first meeting and we will be worshipping at the Promised Land at least through September and most likely through October. We are still trying to determine the best and safest action to take after that. While we all want to get back into our sanctuary (and walk through our newly repaired and painted Narthex and parlor) we don't want to cause any outbreaks of COVID-19. No matter what happens we will continue to have services offered online, even after the COVID crisis has passed!

Since we had to cancel our breakfast, the Turkey and Oyster dinner, and didn't finish our candy making in the spring we have reduced the amount we are paying toward the mortgage. We reduced the monthly amount we are paying toward the mortgage by $3,000 starting in March and so far the people of the church have made donations that have allowed us to keep paying down the mortgage at the new lower rate. While we are trying to come up with some new form of fundraiser we can have this fall, we are not sure how successful any new endeavors will or will not be. We ask that as you feel led and are able that you continue to support the LIFT/Mortgage fund so that we can achieve the goal of being deft free as soon as possible.

I want to sincerely thank all of you who have continued to be generous to the church during this chaotic times. It is allowing to improve our church building while we are not able to congregate there so that we will not have to endure problems when we re-enter the sanctuary. We have done a lot in the last couple of months to help ensure Tom's Creek UMC will be he

re for many, many years to come. Well done good and faithful, church, well done!



P.S. the picture is from the fall 2019 Turkey and Oyster Dinner.

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