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Where have all the flowers gone?

I love Tom's Creek Church. I have seen good ideas to care for others become a reality so many times. There was an idea to help people who need a meal as we started to see the effect of the COVID-19 shut down on peoples lives. It was an idea and the money and the volunteers have come forward and now well over 2,000 meals have been served out of our kitchen!! Well over a year ago people had an idea to visit our shut-ins and to create a team that would try to go and visit them. The people came forward and although how it works has changed the team has continued to reach out to those that are not able to get out too much and don't have many places they can go. With COVID-19 the in person visitation had stopped and the team was trying to figure out how we could show them some love. One person said we have sunflowers maybe we could drop at their doors. Another said we could get little vases or something and take them to people. Within an hour, a team came together and cut the flowers, and 3 different vehicles set out in different directions to drop off a gift of love to those who are shut-in, are having a hard time, or we haven't seen in awhile. That my church family is where all the flowers have gone(:

Perhaps we will have some more flowers this weekend displayed under the cross as we come together to worship. This Sunday, Joe Coleman will be giving us a musical offering. Some of the songs that we will have during the service are "In The Garden" (perhaps that is where the flowers are), "Long Black Train", "Why Me?", "How Great Thou Art". What an amazing group of songs as we continue our Summer of Revival at the Promised Land.

Don't forget if you need a place just to talk with others we have our Thursday afternoon phone chat and pray. You just call in and you can talk about life and anything you want with a group of other people from church. We always end with a time of prayer before we hang up the phones. It is a very safe way to connect for those that are feeling alone and a place for us to connect with one another. There are almost always one or two times during the call we break out in laughter. Join us at 3pm tomorrow by calling into 857-799-9465.

We need each other more than ever. Let us find ways to connect with each other with phone, e-mail, Facebook, cards and letters, dropping of gifts at each others doors, and any other way we can show each other love. We are the church and we are called to love and care for one another.

Peace and love,


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