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Worship is needed now more than ever.

With all that is going on in our nation and around our world, worship is needed now more than ever. Worship is about being reminded that we belong to God and all good and glorious gifts come from God. Worship is a time to remember that there is a kingdom that rises above the powers and principalities of this world. Worship is a time where we for a moment forget about the things of this world and recommit our lives to God and to Jesus. Worship is a time where we give praise to those sightings of the work God is doing in this world, and we pray for where we need God to bring hope and healing. We will do that this Sunday and we will remember all those that serve our nation and those that have served our nation as Veterans Day approaches. If you have served or currently serve, feel free to wear a hat or medal from the branch you served in. We will also focus on the peace that is needed in our nation, around the world, and in each and every one of our hearts.

Attached is the bulletin for Sunday and I am sending this out early because we have a great new fundraiser that will happen this Saturday at the Promised Land and might have a blog post about that later on. For those that are wondering what the numbers were for inside the church worship, we had 53 people upstairs worshipping in the sanctuary, and 11 downstairs worshipping in the Fellowship Hall. Our downstairs Fellowship Hall is very big so there is lots of room for more people to come to church and worship and to be able to social distance. For those that want to be in the church worshipping we have a beautiful downstairs altar set up and I know many said it was nice to be worshipping with others even if the service was on the television.

For those that watched online at Facebook or YouTube we know that the sound was wonky up through almost the whole opening hymn. We corrected it and we are working on making sure that we don't have that issue again this week. We are committed to offering online services that are high quality going forward into the future and you do not have to worry about that going away. You might need to be patient as we try to work the technical glitches that happen when trying to livestream from a church that is in the country with limited internet choices. Yet, we will figure it all out and hope to have a service that you are willing to share and invite others to be a part of.

Friends, we need to worship now more than ever. Your soul knows you need a time of being reminded that you are part of a holy kingdom. Your soul needs to hear the Good News proclaimed. Your soul needs to be reminded that we belong to God. Together we need to give praise that we are God's children who have a glorious inheritance that nothing in this world can take away, or blemish, or tarnish, or diminish. So let us come together to worship our amazing God and glorious Savior.



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Nov 11, 2020

Jimmy Glass will be missed dearly. His sweet smile and joyful nature is a light I will carry in my heart until the day we meet again. I pray God holds his family in his healing hands during this time of mourning.

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