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Yes, God hold us in your hands!

There is so much going on in the life of our church. We may not be able to meet in the sanctuary for service but the work of the church continues in so many ways. God is holding us in His hands.

First, Pastor Sarah and I talked about start words and asked for you to find your star word for the year. If you found your word for the year, what you are searching for, let me know, and send me an email with your word for the year. First, it makes it more official for you to keep it in your mind for the WHOLE YEAR if you share it with someone else. Second, Jackie Troxell would like to make a bulletin board with all of our words on it! She takes lots of time to keep the bulletin board in the Parlor up to date and thought it would be neat for our star words to be over it. You can send a star with your word to the church or to Jackie OR you can email either of us with your star word and we can put your word on a star for you. We will have the board up for a good amount of time and hope everyone might have a chance to see it. I will keep the stars for a service at the end of the year.

Second, one of our Saints went home to the Lord. Ernie Staub has done so much for our church through the years. It was hard for him to give up the ringing of the church bell as his health declined because it was one of the last things that his body would still let him do for us. I pass along his obituary here:

We will be live-streaming the service on our Facebook page and also to YouTube so people might be able to attend safely . For those that wish, we will have the Fellowship Hall open to watch on the television down there since the service in the sanctuary is family only because of COVID.

God is at work in the life of our church in ways that I cannot fully share with you in words. God is making things happen that will allow us to reach people for Jesus and is setting things in place for us to be able to do that in the weeks and months ahead. We will all see it come together before our eyes. Remember God is holding each of you and our whole world in His hands. God will not let go of us or forsake. Even when it doesn't feel like it, God is holding us. For now continue to pray for our nation, for our church, and for our families.



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